The word “family” in ‘family-owned business’ refers to a company that is owned and operated by two or more family members. Family-owned businesses also employ multiple generations of family members, and they place significant value on maintaining family connections as a top priority and an important part of their business strategy. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create a successful family-owned business, which can basically be summed up into one word: relationships.

Relationships are tricky, especially in a family-owned business, because whatever tensions you experience at home tend to be magnified at work, and vise versa… and taking off the spouse-parent-sibling-kid hat while putting on the owner-manager-employee-worker hat is not always the easiest thing to do when those relationships are all-in-one. In addition, successful family businesses must have a unified vision and organizational structure, which can be harder said than done when each family member is their own person with their own belief systems and free will, yet collectively have a long, built-up history of growing together for decades – both expansively and contractively. For this reason, family-owned businesses must have strong structures, alignments, and boundaries in order to maintain their success.

Being involved in a family-owned business means learning to develop understanding, compassion, support, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, accountability, reliability, and so much more. In other words, being involved in a family-owned business means that building good character is a not just a benefit but is an absolute necessity for success.

Storm – The Lawn Pro of the Fox Cities has been in business for over 13 years now. When we say we will treat you like family, we mean that we will treat you with the good character traits that we have learned to develop together throughout the years. These good character traits are practiced out each and every day to our customers, to our employees, and to our Fox Cities community at large. And, when we treat you like family, you become family to us.

We look forward to serving you in any areas of our specializations we can!