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Beautiful lawn and landscaping in front of a residential house.


Cultivating Your Lawn Needs

Fertilizer Treatments to
Help Your Lawn Blossom

A big part of achieving the lawn of your dreams is fertilizer. The team at Storm – The Lawn Pro of The Fox Cities LLC is happy to customize your lawn care and fertilizing program to meet your lawn’s individual needs. Don’t let unsightly weeds and patches of brown or thinning grass detract from your property. Give your yard exactly what it needs to be healthy, lush, green, and weed-free.

Storm – The Lawn Pro of The Fox Cities LLC lawn care program is designed to meet the lawns’ specific needs in the Fox Cities and Manitowoc County WI area. This program consists of five regular visits throughout the growing season to promote a lawn you can be proud of. Our program combines granular fertilizers with industry-proven, environmentally responsible weed control.

Wondering when you should start your lawn treatment? We can help!

Man fertilizing his lawn by pushing a green wheel barrow .

Why Does My Lawn Need Fertilizer?

Lawn grasses live in what is essentially an unnatural environment; the grass plants are crowded together in a lawn and compete with each other, as well as neighboring trees and shrubs, for water and nutrients. They are also mowed regularly, and their clippings are often removed. Because of this competition and the unnatural demands placed on your lawn, your grass plants crave fertilization.

Just as a balanced diet works best for people and animals, the same is true of lawns. They need fertilizer for sustenance, applied in a way that nourishes the grass all summer long. When properly fertilized, a lawn will maintain a bright green color, density, and vigor and will not easily succumb to insects, weeds, or diseases. If under fertilized, the lawn becomes thin, weak, shallow-rooted, pale, patchy, and is much more susceptible to weeds, insects, disease, wear, environmental stress, and damage.

What Type of Fertilizer Does My Lawn Need?

We use granular fertilizers that are specially coated to provide a time-release effect. Time-release properties of the granular fertilizer offer longer-term benefits to the health of the grass plant and have a low potential of burning any grass. The slow-release provides for extended benefits and fewer applications.

Our specially developed fertilizer formulation is not available and cannot be bought in the store. It’s simply the best fertilizer for your Fox Cities area lawn. No phosphorus or phosphate fertilizers are used.

The Overlap Method

To prevent unsightly streaking, Storm – The Lawn Pro of The Fox Cities LLC applies fertilizer using the “overlap method.” With this method, each area of your lawn is covered twice to ensure quick yet long-lasting results. Our professional lawn care program will keep your property looking great all season long.

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