This is our last week of the season for lawn care applications and aerations. And, to top it off, we are just shy of 60-degree weather today in the Fox Cities – what a great way to end the season!

Each year, Mother Nature will decide on the weather changes, and us lawn care providers will have to quickly adapt and re-configure our plans in the best way possible to still cater to the needs of our customers accordingly. This can get a bit challenging to do, especially here in the Midwest, where the weather changes can vary quite dramatically just from one day to the next. It takes a great amount of group effort for everyone involved, so we want to make sure to give a shout out to our customers by saying we greatly appreciate your flexibility and understanding of those weather changes throughout the seasons that are just out of our human control. We sure seem to attract some of the best people in the Fox Valley region as our customers!

This summer was yet another year of some unexpected twists and turns when it came to the weather changes. We were off to a good start this Spring, but when mid-summer came around, we were hit with a drought. The drought this summer lasted quite a while too, making it difficult for people to keep up with watering their lawns as frequently as their lawns desperately needed to be. Like any cool-weather plant, when our Wisconsin lawns go too long without enough water (and our lawns do like good amounts of water quite often!), then brown patches start to appear. As homeowners who appreciate and take pride in clean, beautiful, and well-cared-for properties, to see brown spots appear throughout their lawns in the middle of a drought can be quite overwhelming. Not to mention, this kind of hot or sandy soil in a drought makes a great breeding ground for insects to cause much damage. Read more about that here.

Later in the summer/early fall, the rain falls came in great amounts and very frequently, seemingly trying to make up for all the drought that had occurred in the months prior. Too much rain for extended periods of time creates standing water in some lawns. When standing water is present in a lawn or when a lawn surface is too soft from all the rain falls, we do not ride our machinery on lawns, as this could do a lot of damage to the grass.

All in all, although this year’s weather was at times unpredictable and unbalanced with rainfalls and droughts, cold weather one day and warm weather the next, sometimes rain and sometimes snow, we continued to work in accordance with Mother Nature’s schedules and were able to end the year on a great note. Here’s to a great Holiday season ahead and a happy vision of balanced weather for the 2024 season!