Spring fertilizers and Winter fertilizers are similar to each other in the sense that they are both time sensitive in order to get the best results or any results at all, for that matter. However, the organic matter that the fertilizers are made up of is very different due to the separate purposes that each fertilizer is expected to perform. A Winterizer Fertilizer for the Northeast Wisconsin region is typically high in Potassium in order to strengthen the root system and maximize its nutrient absorption and storage for those cold winter months. In other words, the long-term goal for our Winterizer Fertilizers being applied in the Late Fall is to provide extra sustenance and protection for an upcoming season that will be very harsh on grasses, since they are designed to go dormant under such conditions.

A Spring Fertilizer for the Northeast Wisconsin region, on the other hand, serves a very different purpose than a Winterizer Fertilizer, which is to help your lawn recover from dormancy and jumpstart its growth. Our Spring Fertilizer is high in Nitrogen, which an essential element for the lawn to have the ability to replenish its nutrient stores in order for it to green up and grow.

In addition to a fertilizer high in Nitrogen, for Springtime in Wisconsin, we also have to take into consideration that nasty annual weed grass that invades lawns and has our customers cringing at the sound of it – Crabgrass.

Crabgrass is a particular nuisance because it has an uncanny ability to almost completely take over lawns if left untreated. For this reason, Storm – The Lawn Pro has incorporated a crabgrass preventative within our Spring Fertilizers to ensure that we prevent as much of the crabgrass growth as possible early on in the season. The incorporated fertilizer is also very time-sensitive, as it is only preventable prior to its emergence. If you do show signs of crabgrass emergence into June and July, however, we do have a post-emergent liquid we can apply as an attempt to get rid of the crabgrass over time. As any lawn care expert will tell you, though, this is a process that is a bit more expensive and takes more time to go through, which is why we encourage all of our customers to receive our Step 1 Springtime Fertilizer Treatment containing a strong crabgrass preventative.