Aeration leaves lumps of soil scattered throughout your lawn, and there are a few things you can do with these plugs once the Aeration has been completed:

1.Let the plugs of soil sit on the lawn for about a week until they are completely dried up, and then go over them with a lawn mower to break them up and disperse that soil all over the lawn This is a very easy and excellent option for the lawn, especially if you are planning to overseed or reseed your lawn. (*Side Note: Make sure to wait that full week for them to dry out before using the lawn mower, as wet plugs of soil can clog up your mower.)
2. Rake the plugs of soil up to remove them from the lawn altogether.
3. Simply leave the plugs of soil be, and eventually they will become part of the lawn again. (*Side Note: If you have kids or pets, this option might not be a good solution for you, as if can get quite muddy & messy!)

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