Wisconsin’s favorite season of the year has arrived – fall! Packer football, crisp autumn air, vibrant blue skies, brightly colored leaves, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, Halloween décor, chili (WITH the noodles), and the list goes on and on! Now is also the ideal time to focus on ensuring our lawns not only withstands the harsh winter, but also ensure that they are fully prepared to grow back thick and strong in the spring.

We have prepared a Seven Step Series in Preparing Your Wisconsin Lawn for Winter. Now that Steps #1, Step #2 and Step #3 are completed, let’s move on Step #4:

Step #4: Reseed the Thin/Bare Spots

The Fall season in Wisconsin is when we want to really start preparing our lawns for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. When it comes to the overall health of a lawn throughout the Spring and Summer seasons, there really is a distinct difference between a lawn that had been well-prepared in the Fall season prior and a lawn that had not been well-

The perfect conditions for planting grass seed would be when the soil is warm and the air is cool, which makes Fall in Wisconsin the ideal time for overseeding and re-seeding. This ideal season for planting grass seed also allows time for the new grass roots to develop before the Winter season sets in. When this time is allowed for the new grass roots to develop while in their perfect weather conditions, adding the right mix of fertilizers specific to your lawn’s needs then helps to build stronger and deeper roots for the Winter, which then results in a much greener and richer lawn in the upcoming Spring. Storm – The Lawn Pro’s team of experts always caters our fertilizers to meet the overall needs of lawns for Northeast Wisconsin’s weather conditions, as well as meet the individual lawn care needs for each of our customers’ lawns. Reseeding or overseeding thin patches or bare patches in the fall will also help those areas to grow back fuller in the Spring.

We recommend reseeding or overseeding with a quality Cool Weather Grass seed mix. And, for those who appreciate an aesthetic consistency of grass blades throughout your lawn, use Kentucky Blue Grass with the least percentages of other grass seed mixes in the bag. This type of grass is the most common and aesthetically pleasing green lawn grass in Northeast Wisconsin.