It’s especially icy out there at this time of year, especially with the temperatures remaining in the below zero range for a few days now! When the grass is dormant like this and is covered by many feet of snow in this January time frame, it can be hard to visualize the grass way down underneath everything being impacted by something as small as salting an icy sidewalk or driveway. Thus, we are going to fill you in on yet another hazard to watch out for this winter regarding your grass.

To give your lawn the best chances of a quick and healthy recovery out of dormancy in the Springtime, a great rule of thumb is to be extra cautious with the salt that gets applied to walkways and driveways throughout the wintertime. One great alternative to using salt is to true using sand or sawdust instead. However, we understand that these alternatives are not always as effective or convenient as salt when applied to ice. So, if you must use salt, then our advice is to just be aware of its potential effects on grass, and apply it lightly. This is because when salt gets shoveled or snow blown on top of the lawn areas, over time the snow will eventually melt and the salt in whole pieces or in residue will bleed into the grass. When this happens, it can damage the grass, causing yellow or light brown spots, and can inhibit growth in the Spring due to its contamination in the soil.

In short, if salt is your only option or your preferred option and people are at risk of slipping on your property, then of course apply what you have available to you to prevent people from getting hurt. Just also keep in mind that the grass and soil do not mix well with the salt, so if you are able to, keep their interactions to a minimum whenever possible.

Stay safe and warm out there in these freezing temperatures!


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