In the NE tundra region of Wisconsin, preserving our landscape is important for proper up-keep on our properties to ensure they can look their best in the Spring!

Step 1: Water System & Hoses

First things first, be sure to put away watering systems and hoses. Discovering pipes that are frozen is one of the worst scenarios a homeowner can run into, and it’s easy to prevent by following some simple precautions. Irrigation systems that are left unwinterized run the risk of pipes rupturing due to water left the inside the system that then freezes during the Winter. Similarly, excess water left inside of a hose can also freeze (and thus, expand) during the Winter, causing the hose to split, burst or simply weaken the material, which then leads to having to replace the hose quicker.

Lastly, it is important that you turn off any outdoor spigots. You can also purchase foam faucet covers from Walmart, Fleet Farm, Menards, etc, to keep the spigots insulated throughout the winter. These foam covers cost only a couple of bucks.

Preserving Landscape for the Winter – Step #2
Preserving Landscape for the Winter – Step #3