In the NE tundra region of Wisconsin, preserving our landscape is important for proper up-keep on our properties to ensure they can look their best in the Spring!

Step 3: Solar Lights

There is some landscape lighting that is designed to be durable enough to withstand the harsh winters here in the tundra region. If yours are not that kind, you will want to consider removing all of the solar lights in your yard. Freezing temperatures are very impactful on the efficiency of solar lights as to how much power they can store, as well as how long they can provide enough lighting. Without enough lighting, the solar lights are not serving a sufficient purpose anyways. In addition, many solar fixtures run on high-efficient lithium-ion batteries, which can also suffer a lot of wear throughout those freezing months. So, even for the solar lights that are durable enough to withstand the winters, it still may be wise to remove any solar lights that you are able to in an effort to help protect them.

Preserving Landscape for the Winter – Step #1

Preserving Landscape for the Winter – Step #2