Wisconsin’s favorite season of the year has arrived – fall! Packer football, crisp autumn air, vibrant blue skies, brightly colored leaves, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, Halloween décor, chili (WITH the noodles), and the list goes on and on! Now is also the ideal time to focus on ensuring our lawns not only withstands the harsh winter, but also ensure that they are fully prepared to grow back thick and strong in the spring.

We have prepared a Seven Step Series in Preparing Your Wisconsin Lawn for Winter. Now that Steps #1, Step #2, Step #3 and Step #4 are completed, let’s move on Step #5:

Step #5: Water Your Lawn, Especially New Grass Seed
We all know that water is a crucial component that makes life on this Earth possible for us all, and therefore, we also know that it is a crucial component to help plants grow. But let’s take a quick look at the science behind its importance.

Water acts as a solvent for the food making its way into plants. It does this by dissolving minerals and nutrients from the soil so that they can be easily transported throughout the plant. This is why it is important that the ground where grass seeds are planted stays damp for a few weeks while the seeds are staying dormant underground, preparing to sprout. For this reason, it is recommended to water the newly seeded, reseeded or overseeded areas daily and possibly twice daily (unless it’s raining) until the new grass has grown at least two inches high.