Wisconsin’s favorite season of the year has arrived – fall! Packer football, crisp autumn air, vibrant blue skies, brightly colored leaves, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, Halloween décor, chili (WITH the noodles), and the list goes on and on! Now is also the ideal time to focus on ensuring our lawns not only withstands the harsh winter, but also ensure that they are fully prepared to grow back thick and strong in the spring.

We have prepared a Seven Step Series in Preparing Your Wisconsin Lawn for Winter. Now that Steps #1, Step #2, Step #3, Step #4, Step #5 and Step #6 are completed, let’s move on to the last step, Step #7:

Step #7: Sign Up for Spring Fertilization

Once all of the above six steps have been completed just in time for the winter to start, it’s important to reserve your spot on the calendar for Spring fertilization. Like Winterizer fertilizers, Spring fertilizers are time sensitive in order to get the best results and any results at all, for that matter. Signing up now will ensure that you don’t forget once the hustle and bustle of Springtime comes back around, and it ensures that your lawn care company has enough time to prepare ahead of time to provide for the needs of your property. Contact Us Today at 920- 757-1777. No payment is required up front for bookings!
To know more about How Spring Fertilizers are Different from Winter Fertilizers, Click Here!

So, now that you’ve given us a call and have completed the full 7 step process, it’s time to kick back, relax, cuddle up with a warm blanket and cheer on our Packers (Yes, even this season with low expectations…Go Pack!), because you are all ready for one heck of a cold, snowy and blustery winter!

Cheers to our Storm – The Lawn Pro client family for preparing ahead of time for yet another season of excellent looking lawns in our upcoming 2024 year!

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